Our Program Objectives


There are two objectives:

1. Assistance to Families in need.
2. Hospital project to be developed in two phases:

  • Start with a temporary clinic at Boniface & Paulina Okafor residential house; and
  • Build a permanent hospital at a new site.


1. Assistance to Families in Need


  • To help families improve their living conditions through assistance with basic sustenance by way of food, shelter and medicine.
  • To help families educate their children.
  • To help families build, when necessary, a decent and secure dwelling in which to live.
  • To financially assist, when deemed appropriate, with special projects.
  • To help families achieve the goal of independence through the above.

2. Building of Clinic/Hospital

  • Begin with the registration of the hospital
  • Renovate house for temporary clinic – consulting room, reception, injection room and dispensary.
    This is the Existing Temporary Clinic:
    currentsite1.jpg currentsite2.jpg currentsite3.jpg currentsite4.jpg currentsite5.jpg currentsite6.jpg
  • Build a permanent hospital
  • Equip clinic/hospital with facilities
  • Offer free medical consultation
    The New Hospital Location before ground breaking:
    New Hospital Location
    Construction of the New Hospital facility:
    newhospitalsite.jpg newhospitalsite1.jpg newhospitalsite2.jpg newhospitalsite3.jpg newhospitalsite4.jpg newhospitalsite5.jpg newhospitalsite6.jpg newhospitalsite7.jpg newhospitalsite8.jpg newhospitalsite9.jpg newhospitalsite10.jpg newhospitalsite11.jpg
    The construction is still on going.

Under the direction of Sr. Dr. Joanes Uzoma, in order to achieve the above Objectives, the members mentioned above agree to carry out

The following activities:

  • Keep documents and account of hospital administration
  • Supervision of hospital activities to ensure that the vision and objectives are met
  • Ensure that a biodata sheet of each family, selected to enter the Program, be sent to the Charity.
  • That a bank account be set-up for each individual family.
  • That the families participating in the Program will receive regular visits by a designated person(s) to evaluate the status of the family.
  • That a monthly group meeting of the sponsored families (when and where possible) be arranged for sharing and mutual support.
  • That the office will set-up a mechanism to ensure that the sponsor receives a letter from their family at least two times a year.
  • That the office sends a report on the family’s progress to the sponsor and office of the Charity, twice per annum.
  • That the office of the Charity receives notification when the family becomes independent.
  • That a ‘thank you’ letter notifying the sponsor that the family is now independent be sent to the sponsor.

To achieve these objectives, the Coordinator(s) in collaboration with the Board members in Canada agree to carry out the following activities:

  • To seek out sponsors for participating families.
  • To inform sponsors on the process of the Program.
  • To keep a ledger account of all names of sponsors and their donations and to issue tax receipts at year end.
  • To send money (donations) to designated Agent – who in turn will deposit said money (donations) in recipient’s bank account in Nigeria.
  • Answer any queries / problems from sponsors, in liaison with Sr. Dr. Joannes and the organizing team in Nigeria.
  • To prepare annual tax returns for Revenue Canada.
  • To maintain all financial records related to the Program.


- Mr. Victor Okorie Family