Reason for choosing the Name


Reason for choosing the Name – “Boniface & Paulina Okafor Memorial Hospital”

Boniface and Paulina Okafor were the parents of Fr. Toochukwu Okafor. Both of them had great love for their community and were actively involved in many social activities that promoted human life and dignity. Even though they were not materially affluent, they generously shared what they had with those who were less fortunate than them. They reached out to the poor and the needy and positively touched many lives in the whole community.

Paulina was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 46 years old. Unfortunately, at that time, drugs (insulin) used for treating diabetes were very scarce and expensive in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. So, she had to travel to a hospital in the Northern part of Nigeria where the drugs were subsidized by the Nigerian government.

The journey via train lasted for two or three days and she had to go for routine checks every three or six months depending on her sugar level. Thanks to the relatives living in the North who provided her with room and board as well as transportation and basic needs. Later she developed high blood pressure, leading to complications and eventually she died at the age of 66 years. In 2006, Boniface was diagnosed with cancer which was very painful and expensive to treat. He eventually died the same year.

In their sickness, sufferings and pain, the family and friends were there for them. Before each of them died, they appreciated the love, care and support they received. In their last admonitions, they encouraged all their children to love one another, to live in peace and unity, to avoid being attached to material things and to continue to help the less privileged brothers and sisters in our society. To honour them and continue their legacy of generous service to the community and care for the needy, when we started this project in 2016, we decided to name the hospital “Boniface & Paulina Okafor Memorial Hospital”. Right now, their old house is been used as a temporary clinic but it is our ardent desire to build a permanent hospital in another site.