About Us

Our Aim

To bring healthcare services closer to the people, provide free medical consultation and in some cases, free medication or prescription drugs.


Our Mission

To provide subsidized healthcare, reduce the rate of infant mortality and death during childbirth, provide health education on managing common diseases - malaria, high blood pressure, diabetes, AIDS, etc. Help families improve their living conditions by providing food, medicine, education and shelter.

Our Vision

To become a renowned hospital that will provide a venue for health care professionals and volunteers from other countries to offer free medical/healthcare services.

To become a centre to educate and train young people who want to become auxiliary nurses or continuous care assistants for seniors and the elderly which is greatly needed in our country.

To provide accessible, timely, and affordable health care to all in need.

Helper Program

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Nigeria Family Helper Program is under the umbrella of India Family Helper Program which is a Canadian Registered Charitable Organization. It provides assistance to families in need—helping improve their living conditions by providing food, shelter and medicine.

It helps families educate their children, build when necessary a decent and secure dwelling in which to live. Financially assist, when deemed appropriate, with special projects, helping families achieve the goal of independence

About the Medical Hospital

Boniface & Paulina Okafor Memorial Hospital (B&P.O) is located at Umudim Ngodo Isuochi of Abia State, Nigeria. Most inhabitants of this village are poor farmers and petty traders, who have no healthcare insurance and access to basic amenities of life like hospital, water and electricity. Medical care and treatments are solely the responsibility of the patient or his/her family. One has to pay upfront for medical consultation and any drugs or treatment received.


Lack of money may lead to possible death unless God in his infinite mercy grants healing to the sick person.

Most people who don’t have money pray and look up to God for healing. This has led to the proliferation of spiritual healing centers, native/traditional healing shrines or patent medicine stores. As a consequence, there are often many deaths and health complications. It’s sad to see common tropical diseases like malaria killing so many children, young people and adults. Also many die of some diseases that are curable, preventable or controllable such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Due to lack of proper health care and proximity to a hospital, many young women have died during childbirth and some have complications for lack of proper prenatal care and basic education. This project is to help provide subsidized healthcare services to the poor and needy in that area. It helps bring a clinic/hospital closer to the people; provide free consultation with a medical doctor and subsidized drugs, and in some cases free medication.

Our Hospital Team

Our Staff and Volunteers in Nigeria.


Nurses and Auxiliary Nursing Students.

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Our Medical Care Team

We provide medical services and basic healthcare.

  • Dr. Opie Thomas Ngaji, Medical Officer


  • Sr. Dr. Joannes Uzoma, Director


  • Fr. Toochukwu Okafor, Project Coordinator


Project for the New Hospital Facility

Site Plan

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On going construction.

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